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We regret to inform that Endwar will not be occurring on UF campus. We have been in talks with Drac and the Endwar team about the event for the last couple of months. However, the announcement posted earlier today was posted without the consent or knowledge of Gator HvZ’s team or that of the University of Florida.

After weeks of little to no communication from Drac and his team, this announcement completely blindsided us. The University of Florida has yet to approve the event, the dates announced were not approved, and no location reservations on campus have been approved. None of the marketing materials or logistics for the event were approved or even shared with Gator HvZ or with the University of Florida.

Additionally, the decision to transition Endwar from a free to a ticketed event was not discussed with our club or with the University. We believe that HvZ should always be a free event open to everyone and pride ourselves on never charging our players to join the game.

For anyone who has already planned a trip to Florida, we apologize for any inconvenience. We tried to get this response out as quickly as we could but as mentioned above, we had absolutely no heads up regarding the announcement that Drac posted earlier today and are responding to this in real time.

All this being said, we will be hosting an invitational HvZ event during our Summer A semester that we encourage players to come and check out; this event will in no way be affiliated with Endwar. And we guarantee that our invitational event will be free.

General Updates

Beware: Ammo Scavenging

Hey everyone! Just a reminder that our Last of Us game is going to be on Saturday, February 4th from 1-8pm! There is a unique ammo scavenging mechanic for this game. Please read through this mechanic below to prepare for the game!

In this game players may not bring their own darts or flashlights. You will have to find and earn your ammo throughout the game. Ammo crates will contain random mixes of Full Darts (elite style), Half Darts (Dart Zone half darts), Rival Balls, Ultra Darts, and Mega Darts. Plan your loadouts accordingly and be prepared to be flexible. You may bring your own blasters or use one of our loaners. Socks will be limitless, so feel free to bring as many as you need.

If you haven’t already, register for the game here!

General Updates

Humans versus Zombies Halloween is in 5 days!

This Halloween, join Gator Humans versus Zombies and SAI for UF’s largest, most ambitious HvZ game ever! Venture into the tight, winding corridors and once-boisterous stadium of the O’Connell Center as you face hordes of zombies and fight to save humanity with nothing but your wits and a nerf blaster. The battle begins at 5:30pm on Halloween Night, Monday 10/31. Will you survive the apocalypse — or will you too join the ravenous undead?

This event is only open to current UF students and will be limited to loaner blasters only. Feel free to arrive or leave anytime between doors open at 5:30pm and the end of the event at 11pm!

Full rules and registration information can be found on the event page here!

General Updates

Choose your adventure at our Valorant PvP Day!

Here comes the party! With our Valorant PvP Day speeding toward us, it’s time to gear up! Pick your class from the list below and get ready for a unique gameplay experience.
If you don’t own a blaster, no worries! Loaner blasters will be available upon request.
Choose your adventure and join us this coming Saturday from 2-7pm at Norman Courtyard.
Register at

General Updates

Welcome our new E-Board

Congratulations to our new E-Board!

  • President: Zoe Nevins
  • Vice President: Breanna Johnson
  • Treasurer: Ryan Groves
  • Special Projects Manager: Kristianna Lobo

Thank you as well to everyone who voted in this year’s election. Best of luck to the new executive board, we can’t wait to see what you do next!