HvZ Rules

Humans vs Zombies (HvZ) is a game of tag on an epic scale. There are two teams: Humans, and Zombies. Most players begin as Humans, and a few begin as Zombies/Original Horde (OH). Humans can defend themselves with Nerf Blasters or rolled up socks. If a Zombie tags
a Human, that Human joins the Zombie team!

The objective of Humans is to survive and avoid being turned by Zombies for the duration of the game. On the other hand, the objective of Zombies is to turn all Humans by tagging them.

Player Rules

  • Bandanas must be worn at all times while on campus. Humans wear their bandanas around their arm and Zombies wear them around their head.
  • Non-players may not interact in the game.
  • Tagging or shooting any non-player with a sock is prohibited.
  • No excessive force may be used in game play. This means no hitting, kicking, throwing items (other than socks), biting, tackling, or any other behavior that endangers you or another player.
  • No game play may occur in safe zones (see description below).
  • Players cannot use any vehicle while playing.


As a Human, your goal is to stay Human by avoiding getting turned (tagged) by a Zombie.

Bandana: Humans must wear their bandana around an arm.

Stunning a Zombie: You can stun Zombies and fend off a Zombie attack by throwing a sock at them or shooting them with a Nerf blaster. The sock or Nerf dart must leave your hand or blaster’s barrel, respectively, and make contact with some part of the Zombie’s body in order to stun them. A zombie is stunned for a predetermined amount of time (e.g. 2-5 min.) after the sock or dart touches them.

Tagged by a Zombie: If you are tagged by a Zombie, you must surrender your Kill ID card to the Zombie immediately. Once tagged, you become a Zombie and begin playing for the Zombie team. This means that you must move your bandana from your arm to your head and tag Humans! You can only make tags if your bandana is securely placed on your head. If you get stunned by darts or socks while moving your bandana from arm to head, you become a stunned Zombie.


As a Zombie, your goal is to help tag all the Humans throughout the game. Zombies cannot use socks or Nerf blasters as weapons against Humans.

Bandana: Zombies must wear the bandana on their head when they are active, or around the neck if they are stunned.

Tagging a Human: You can turn Humans into Zombies by tagging them. A tag is a firm touch with your hands to any part of a Human. Tags applied to a Human’s equipment (e.g. backpacks, chest rigs, etc.) will not count unless it would have hit them regardless of the equipment. Once you tag a Human, they must surrender their kill ID card to you immediately. You must repost your tag by visiting our event webpage.

Stunned by a Human: If a Zombie is hit with a Nerf dart or a sock, they are stunned for a predetermined period of time (e.g. 3 minutes) and cannot tag any Humans during that time or interact with gameplay. While stunned, put your headband around your neck or remove it entirely and hold it in your hand. After the timer is up, they are able to interact with the game and attempt to tag Humans again.

Safety & Campus

Please be mindful and remember that this is a game. HvZ will not be played indoors in any campus buildings or official areas (unless otherwise specified). Residence halls/apartments, bathrooms, academic buildings, libraries, dining halls, and are all off limits. Gameplay is limited to campus only.

  • No realistic looking weaponry
  • No modified darts
  • No melee weapons
  • Stairs are no play area – do not camp them
  • Vehicles cannot be used while playing HvZ

Safe Zones

The game can be difficult for Human players to survive. As such, there will be designated locations that serve as Safe Zones for both teams throughout the game. While inside a Safe Zone, both Humans and Zombies are safe from getting tagged or stunned, respectively. In order to be considered safe, both feet must be inside the safe zone.

Don’t Be a Dick

Be courteous, respectful of others, and responsible. Everyone at this event is trying to have fun, we have the right to remove you from the building if you are being a dick.

Disputes & Conflict of Resolutions

Should a dispute arise, move yourselves apart from the gameplay. Do not attempt to break or pause gameplay for everyone. We urge you to do a resolution like coin toss, or rock-paper-scissor so that you do not miss mission objectives. Be respectful and mindful of each other when deciding on a resolution.