PvP Rules

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Free for AllTeam DeathmatchCapture the Flag
Plant the FlagBucket o’ BlastersYeetball
Ion RushSiegeTag Confirmed
Ammo ShortageProtect the PresidentObliteration
King of the HillHigh Value TargetRush
HeadhunterHardpointContract Hunter
OddballBoss BattleHidden Gems

Free for All

  • Free for All is a pistols-only game mode.
  • Players start with 3 wristbands, and each time they get shot they must leave the field of play, count to 10 and remove a wristband, then spawn back in to battle.
  • Forming teams and camping are not allowed, if the moderator sees players doing so they will pull out a blaster and shoot them.
  • As the game goes on, the cones that mark the borders of the area will be slowly brought closer together to shrink the field of play.

Team Deathmatch

  • Teams each have 50 respawns, and a mod for each team keeps track of these.
  • When a player dies, they place their blaster on their head, clear the battlefield, and then make their way back to their team’s respawn area.
  • Once they reach the mod, the mod marks off a respawn from that team and then they come back into the game.
  • A team loses when they are out of respawns and their last player gets out.

Capture the Flag

  • Teams each have unlimited respawns and a single flag.
  • A team wins when they get their opponents flag and bring it back to their base, which also serves as their respawn point.
  • Only one player may pick up the flag and if they are shot, they must drop the flag.
  • The enemy team can then recover the flag, or the challenging team can pick it up again.

Plant the Flag

  • Teams each have unlimited respawns and a single flag.
  • A team wins when they take their entire flag and “plant” it at the other end of their field (a specific point, usually marked with a cone).
  • When shot players must travel back to their end of the field and wait 30 seconds to respawn.
  • Only one player may pick up the flag, and if they are shot they must drop the flag.
  • Each team’s flag can only be picked up by members of that team.

Bucket o’ Blasters

  • Teams each have a large bucket filled with pistols.
  • Players may only use the blasters from these buckets during this game.
  • The game ends after 15 minutes and the team with the most blasters left in their bucket wins.
  • Each player begins with one of the pistols from their bucket, and when shot must drop all of their blasters on the ground.
  • To respawn, a player must go back to their side of the field and take a blaster from the bucket. They can then instantly respawn.
  • Players may collect blasters from the ground and bring them back to their team’s bucket.
  • If your team has no blasters left, you may respawn without a blaster to try and scavenge some off the field.


  • Teams each have unlimited respawns and when stunned must travel back to the middle end of their side of the field and wait 30 seconds to respawn.
  • Each team has two buckets at the far ends of their side of the field.
  • There is one large bucket in the very center of the field filled with plastic balls (usually ball-pit balls).
  • The objective of the game is to get as many of the ball-pit balls from the center bucket into your two buckets by the end of 15 minutes.
  • A player may carry as many balls as they can carry. They may not pass them to other players on their team, they can only transfer them by yelling “yeet” and throwing the balls.
  • Players may steal balls from the other team’s buckets.

Ion Rush

  • Played in rounds, best 2 out of 3.
  • There are 2 even teams.
  • Teams swap sides after each round.
  • Each team starts with 6 darts of ammo per player on the team.
  • Ammo may be shared by players before or between rounds, or between active players during rounds.
  • Ammo MAY NOT be picked up off the ground once a match starts. NO SCAVENGING
  • Field boundaries are clearly marked with cones and the battlefield is setup with an even divison of barricades.
  • A “flag” starts at the middle of the field, and any player may pick it up.
  • Players must drop the flag if shot, and any player on either team may pick it up.
  • Teams can win a round by eliminating all opposing players or by scoring a flag run.
  • Rounds are only 2 minutes long, if time expires the round is a tie.
  • Once hit by a dart, a player must raise their hands or blaster, loudly call “Hit” and move to the nearest boundary. They are out for the round.
  • The flag must be run by an active player into the opposing team’s starting box while an opponent is still active to count as a flag run. The player and the flag must both cross the goal line before the end of the 2 minute timer.
  • Winning a round by flag run breaks ties.


  • Teams take turns being attacker and defender.
  • The defenders set up in Architecture and have a flag in their base that they need to protect
  • The attackers are trying to steal the flag and start in Fine Arts.
  • The round stops when the attackers get the flag back to their base.
  • The winner is the team that can take the flag in the fastest amount of time.
  • The attackers have unlimited respawns, the defenders have 50 respawns for the whole team.

Tag Confirmed

  • There are two teams, each starting on opposite sides of the area.
  • Each team has 60 poker chips, which represent lives.
  • Every play starts with a poker chip, and if shot they must drop all of their poker chips, return to their respawn point, get a new chip and return to the game.
  • Respawn points will be marked with cones, players are safe while within their respawn point.
  • Players may pick up poker chips of either team.
  • First team to bring 30 of the other team’s poker chips to their respawn point wins.

Ammo Shortage

  • There are two teams, each starting on opposite sides of the area.
  • Every player starts with a set amount of ammunition.
  • Players have unlimited respawns, once shot you must return to your spawn and then return to the game.
  • There are 20 tiny boxes hidden around the area. Each box contains more ammunition, and a random 5 of them contain victory points.
  • Players may hold a single box at a time, and can only open them when they bring them back to their spawn.
  • If shot while carrying a box, you must drop the box and go respawn.
  • First team to collect 3 victory points wins.

Protect the President

  • There are two teams, the Secret Service and Assassins.
  • The Secret Service must escort The President from their spawn point, to the other end of the area, and back, within a certain time limit, without letting The President get hit by a dart.
  • The Assassins win if they can hit The President with a single dart before the Secret Service get them back to their spawn.
  • The Secret Service have unlimited respawns, once shot they must return to their spawn and then return to the game.
  • The Assassin’s have no respawns, but get released into the area a minute before the Secret Service, in order to set up.
  • This game will be played in rounds, with Secret Service and Assassins switching between rounds.


  • There are 2 teams, each have 25 respawns.
  • When you get hit with a dart you drop your chip, go back to your spawn, count to 10, and grab another chip to respawn.
  • Each team has 2 targets on their half of the field.
  • There is a single bomb that spawns in the middle of the play zone.
  • Either team can pick up the bomb, and you must drop it if you get hit. Any other player can pick it up on either team.
  • You must bring the bomb to one of the opposite team’s targets.
  • If the bomb reaches the opposite team’s target, it is destroyed, and another bomb will spawn.
  • A team loses when both of their targets are destroyed, or they run out of respawns and have no players left.

King of the Hill

  • There are 2 teams, which each start on opposite ends of the courtyard.
  • Rounds are played for 15 minutes. The team that controls the hill for the longest total time wins.
  • The hill is the courtyard in the middle of the architecture building. To control it you must be the only team to have players on the courtyard.
  • Teams have unlimited respawns. You respawn by returning to spawn and waiting 10 seconds.

High Value Target

  • There are 2 teams, which each start with one player as the High Value Target.
  • Teams have unlimited respawns until their High Value Target is killed.
  • The High Value Target can only use a pistol. First team to kill their opponent’s high value target and eliminate the enemy team wins.


  • There are two teams, the attackers and the defenders.
  • The attackers must capture all 3 of the defenders’ objectives.
  • Objectives must be grabbed by an attacker, and once grabbed, that attacker can no longer fire their blaster and must drop the objective if they get hit.
  • A mod carrying a green flag will start at the attacker’s spawn and slowly walk towards the objective. Attackers bring objectives to this mod to capture them.
  • Attackers have unlimited respawns and must walk back to the flag mod to respawn.
  • Defenders have a single life per objective, once hit by a dart they must move back to their next objective and respawn.
  • Once attackers take an objective, all remaining defenders move back to the next objective.
  • Once the attackers take the final objective, the teams switch.
  • Whichever team captures all 3 objectives fastest wins.
  • Played as a pistols only free-for-all game.
  • Players start with 3 lives, noted by wristbands they wear.
  • When you hit another player, they give you one of their wristbands and then they respawn by leaving the play area, counting to 10, and then coming back in.
  • When you no longer have wristbands you are out.
  • Moderators are also playing, but if they hit you your wristband is removed from the game.
  • Moderators do not have to respawn, they are stunned for 30 seconds when hit.


  • Two teams, each with unlimited respawns and their own respawn points.
  • The game is played in 20 minute rounds.
  • There are multiple areas around the map which are designated as “hardpoints”.
  • At the beginning of the map one of these hardpoints is active, a team can score time on the hardpoint by being the only team with members on it.
  • Throughout the round the hardpoint will switch to different locations.
  • At the end of the round the team with the most time on all hardpoints combined will win.

Contract Hunter

  • Players are split into small squads, with a few players being designated “contracts”.
  • The game is played in 15-minute rounds.
  • If stunned, players respawn after 30 seconds.
  • Squads compete to capture the must contracts, the team at the end with the most captured contracts wins.
  • To capture a contract, a squad must stun them and then escort them back to the contract collector.
  • If all members of the squad are stunned, the contract may be restunned by a different squad.