General Updates

The O’Connell Mall Has Fallen

Thank you all for coming out to HvZ Halloween: Horrors of the O’Connell Mall! We had a great time putting this game together for y’all, and hope you had an amazing time whether you fought for Mr. O or the Union!

We wanted to quickly shout out all our amazing moderators and volunteers for bringing this game to life, our graphic design team of Zoe Nevins for the incredible promo materials and Katja Karoleski for the phenomenal art of our zombified mascots, and all our friends at SAI Signature Events and the O’Connell Center for making this event possible!

Craving more GHvZ? No worries! Our next game is less than a month away and it will be Wizard of Oz themed! Stay tuned for more details in our next post!

Game Updates

6 Weeks Remaining

Dracula’s Invitation stands. Only 6 weeks remain until the Curse of the Vampire is unleashed upon the world. Will you be able to take down Dracula and his night creatures, or will you join the ever-growing horde of the prince of darkness? Pre-Register now at to let us know you’re interested!

Also, the official Gator HvZ Curse of the Vampire Travel Guide is now available on our website at Check it out if you want to plan out your time here in Gainesville for the Mega-Invitational on July 22nd and 23rd!

Game Updates

Summer HvZ Schedule

Are you prepared to answer Dracula’s invitation? Check out the schedule for the HvZ Game on the first day of our July 22-23rd Summer Mega-Invitational!

Make sure to pre-register here to let us know you’re interested in attending and to receive email updates with more information about the event as it is released!

Game Updates

An Invitation from Dracula

Dearest Peasants- I’m a sucker for a good party, and you’re all invited. Don your masks, load your darts, bring a friend, and get ready for the night to end all nights, the first of your… unlife. Yours truly, Dracula.

Pre-Register now for Gator Humans versus Zombies’ Summer 2023 Mega-Invitational on July 22nd and 23rd at the University of Florida on our website at

Game Announcements

Save the Date!

Humans, zombies, players from all corners, come join us this summer at the University of Florida for our invitational event — Curse of the Vampire — July 22nd and 23rd! Help the humans take down Dracula and his night creatures or join forces with the prince of darkness to grow the horde.
This event will take place over two days, the first being a full day of HvZ, and the second being a non-competitive Nerf PvP day. Both days will have an FPS cap of 130; a full list of modding rules can be found here. You can register for the event with the form here.

We know that a lot of players were excited for the initial announcement regarding the UF-Endwar partnership; this invitational will be taking its place in our club’s lineup of events. We hope that players who were planning on attending that event will be able to attend on these new dates. We are planning for this to be our largest invitational to date and — as with all of our games — this event will be entirely free.