General Updates

Welcome the 2024-2025 E-Board!

Congratulations to our new E-Board!

President: Kate Smith

Vice President: Emilio Herodier

Treasurer: Leo Omalay

Special Projects Manager: Sean Garnett

Special thanks to everyone who voted in this year’s elections!

Game Updates

The O’Connell Mall Opens in 2 Weeks!

Humans versus Zombies Halloween is only 2 weeks away! If you haven’t already, pre-register now and share the link! The more backup you bring the longer you might survive…

Game Updates

Looking for Volunteers

We Need You! Gator HvZ is looking for UF Student Volunteers for this year’s Humans versus Zombies Halloween on Wednesday, October 25th from 6-10pm. We’re looking for volunteers to serve as Game Moderators to help us with setup and cleanup, play our Squad Leaders, and act as special zombie characters in full costumes! If you’re interested, apply today here!

Game Announcements

Can you survive a night in the O’Connell Mall?

Calling all UF Students! The O’Connell Mall has become the epicenter of a zombie outbreak, and only you can help us save campus from the horrors being unleashed! Join us on 10/25 and see if you can survive a night in the O’Connell Mall!

Pre-Register here.

General Updates

The Curse of the Vampire is Unleashed!

Minions of the Night,

Your hard work and dedication to my cause has finally paid off. The humans tried their best, but their best was not good enough. The Curse of the Vampire has been unleashed, and there is nothing that can stop us now!

To those of you who were on my side from the very beginning, thank you. To those of you who fell and joined us, welcome to the horde.

Yours truly,


Thank you all so much for coming out to our Summer 2023 Mega Invitational! We had such an amazing time planning and running this game for all of you, and we hope you had just as much fun playing in it! For some of us this was our last game modding, and for others it was the first game of many. To everyone who came to the event from far away places or right in town, thank you so much for making this game as special as it was!

As per our tradition, we have put together a post-game survey for you to fill out by August 2nd with any feedback you have from the game. This is your chance to tell us what you loved and what you thought we could improve, as we always strive to improve our games from semester to semester!

Fill Out the Post-Game Survey

Lastly, we have created a Google Drive folder for everyone to share and compile any photos or videos taken at the event! Feel free to add yours or look for any photos you may want to keep!

Check out the Photos