General Updates

Calling all Landlubbers…

If you haven’t already, make sure you sign up for our HvZ on the Seven Seas weekend game! It begins next Friday at 7pm, and has mission at midnight, 1pm, and 7pm on Saturday. If you’ve never played HvZ before, it’s like a real life video game, where players fight to survive in a zombie apocalypse with nothing but their wits, Nerf blasters, and rolled-up sock grenades. You get to experience an evolving story with NPCs and cutscenes, solve riddles and puzzles, and participate in optional scavenger hunts and extra objectives for in-game rewards and power-ups. The game takes place across all of UF campus over about 26 hours and is an absolute blast. If you’re on campus for Summer B, or are able to get up here, even if just for Saturday, we’d love to fight against the zombie hordes with you!